About Roboclean Germany...

When you purchase a Roboclean, you are buying more than 30 years worth of product development, continuous improvement and ingenuity. Plus, your Roboclean is supported by Roboclean Germany Worldwide Headquarters & Manufacturer, and by your local Independent Distributor. Roboclean has millions of satisfied customers throughout the World. Roboclean products are sold using the direct sales method in more than 70 countries. Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Roboclean from an unauthorized retailer. Only an Authorized Roboclean Distributor/Dealer can sell and support an authentic Roboclean.


Risks of Buying from an Unauthorized Source or over the Internet:

  • No Warranty – Factory Warranty will not be honoured for Roboclean purchased from nonauthorized sellers and other external sources including private sellers, vacuum salesmen, retail stores, online merchants, e-Bay and gumtree.
  • Worthless - Any warranties actually offered by unauthorized sellers of Robocleans may be worthless. Additionally, in order to get a warranty repair, you may have to package the Roboclean and then ship it out for repair - a time-consuming and costly process, with no guarantee of satisfactory service.
  • No Credibility – Non-authorized sellers do not have access to Roboclean parts and accessories, and have not been qualified or skilled in how to properly service a Roboclean.
  • No Guarantee – Infringing sellers may deceive a prospective buyer by offering used, tampered or defective units as new. You may not know until it is too late! Units may in fact not be in good condition and may contain non-manufacturer parts. Often products from unauthorized sources have had serial numbers removed to conceal the true source of the products.
  • No assistance - While Roboclean Germany Worldwide Headquarters & Manufacturer sympathizes with customers who have been taken advantage of by unauthorized or Internet sellers, Roboclean Germany Worldwide Headquarters & Manufacturer stands behind its Authorized Distributors and can only offer assistance to customers who have purchased through authorized channels.
  • No warranty cover - Roboclean warranty only covers the country product is bought in. Warranty will not be covered if purchased in another country. (For this reason we do not sell Roboclean to a customer in another country.)

Advantages of buying from an authorized Roboclean Distributor/Dealer...