You are not going to believe what you will be able to do with Roboclean!

Roboclean is not only a cleaning vacuum unit, it’s an excellent health and cleaning system that can carry out the functions of several different devices. With Roboclean, you can:

  • Clean every corner of your home,
  • Eliminate the dust and smoke in the air of your home,
  • Quickly rid your home of unwanted smells,
  • Aromatize every room of your home with wonderful scents,
  • Clean your bed and furniture,
  • Rid your home of dust mites and similar micro-organisms,
  • Clean and wash deep down inside your carpets,
  • Vacuum your quilts and pillows.

Roboclean has many more features than other known cleaning systems:

  • Powerful 4-stage motor,
  • Very high suction power,
  • Remote control,
  • Automatic electrical cord reel unit
  • Adjustable telescopic metal hose attachment,
  • HEPA filter,
  • Long durable hose, and much more