Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

The Power Nozzle Does More Than Carpets

The Roboclean Power Nozzle features its own motor, giving you extra cleaning power on all carpeted surfaces.

The Power Nozzle is not just for wall-to-wall vacuuming! It can be used in every room to vacuum large area rugs, scatter and throw rugs. Roboclean Power Nozzle allows you to effectively vacuum a range of carpet heights, textures and densities.

Witness for yourself just what the Roboclean Power Nozzle removes from what may look like clean carpets or upholstery.

The Roboclean Electro Nozzle (Deep Cleaning Unit) features its own 150W motor, giving you extra cleaning power on all type carpeted surfaces. Remote control ability and upright lock mechanism are user-friendly features of the Electro Nozzle. Its powerful motor maximizes the pickup ability of the Roboclean, leaving your carpets absolutely clean.

You will not expect what you will witness with Roboclean Power Nozzle, (“my carpets are clean”), BOOK your FREE home demonstration and SEE NOW!