About Roboclean Germany...

When you purchase a Roboclean, you are buying more than 30 years worth of product development, continuous improvement and ingenuity. Plus, your Roboclean is supported by Roboclean Germany Worldwide Headquarters & Manufacturer, and by your local Independent Distributor. Roboclean has millions of satisfied customers throughout the World. Roboclean products are sold using the direct sales method in more than 70 countries. Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Roboclean from an unauthorized retailer. Only an Authorized Roboclean Distributor/Dealer can sell and support an authentic Roboclean.


of Buying from an Authorized Roboclean Distributor or Dealer:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction - By purchasing your Roboclean from an Authorized Roboclean Distributor you are guaranteed excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • Professional technical service - Not only are you provided with the Roboclean Factory Warranty, but also authentic Roboclean parts are available to you and accessories, as well as service by trained Roboclean service technicians.
  • You know who you are dealing with - an Authorized Roboclean Distributor who is committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Authorized Warranty - You will receive an authorized warranty that is backed by Roboclean Germany Worldwide Headquarters & Manufacturer.
  • Personal Service - You will receive personal service and attention by our Dream Service Team.
  • Brand new - You will receive a brand new Roboclean unit in perfect condition.
  • Guaranteed service - You will have access to convenient, authorized Roboclean local service.
  • Guaranteed assistance - Buying from a authorised Roboclean distributor gives you the guaranty for help and assistance at your doorstep.
  • RODY – RODY which is a LADY Roboclean expert, performing regular checks in your home for any concerns and assistance in gaining the maximum benefit from your Roboclean.
  • Dream Service Centre – Our Dream service is a before customer service, professional technician and after service for assistance in conducting regular check-ups and inspections. (Only buyers within the UK will have unlimited access to our dream service)

Risks of buying from an unauthorized source...