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Vapori Magic

Lightweight innovative steam mop is suitable for cleaning sealed wood, tiles, lino, marble and stone floors, without the use of chemical detergents. Cleans and sanitizes with the power of steam. Kills e-coli and salmonella. Low profile base allows access to clean underneath cupboard recesses.

With removable water tank for easy refilling straight from the tap. Special cloth made from tiny fibres, enabling it to penetrate deep down into household surfaces, capturing all kind of dust and grease. Can be used both for steam or dry cleaning

With this magic steam vapori light you will no longer need any kind of chemical detergents which harm you as it only needs water and no extra work out to press and pressure. The steam function will kill all germs and make your floors spotless and shiny. With 180°C steam power dried dirt will wipe out in seconds!

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