Multi Floor

Now you can clean tile, hardwood and carpeted floors with one tool. Roboclean has multisurface vacuums that allow you to clean a variety of floor types with ease.

Simply turn on Roboclean’s floor brush cleans carpet or off to clean bare floors. Roboclean is versatile and designed for every floor type with carpet height adjustment, bare floor attachments to keep all of your floors sparkling clean.

Circular Brush

Don’t forget to put your circular brush attachment to use all around the house. Attach it to your Roboclean wand and encircle the room with vacuuming power. Start at one end of the room and vacuum the upholstered furniture, blinds, drapes and curtains, lampshades, windowsills and plants.

Finish your cleaning sweep by attaching your circular brush to an extended hose (check with your distributor on purchasing a longer Roboclean hose) and vacuum ceiling fan blades and cornice boards, walls and high ceilings. If it can gather dust, it can probably be cleaned by your Roboclean.

Roboclean will clean every inch of your house from top to bottom, save yourself from a basement full of equipment and bad smells of detergents, BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!