Fragrance Set

Fragrance Collection set is available with a pack of three.

Improve the Air in Your Home

The Roboclean delivers clean, water-washed air to your home while you clean. And more than that, the Roboclean can refresh the air in your home.

By adding two drops of Roboclean fragrance to the Roboclean’s water reservoir, you can remove objectionable food and tobacco odours. Or, you can put a few drops of our other refreshing Fragrance in the Water Basin to fill your home with the fresh scent of the great outdoors. Either way, the Roboclean leaves your home cleaner, fresher and better smelling.

Our fragrances involves using essential oils extracted from plants. Its completely organic!

While there is some evidence that aromatherapy may help sleep disturbance and one or two other conditions, there is no evidence (because there have been no studies) that it is of any benefit in common allergic conditions.

Refresh your home while your cleaning, just two drops, Simple as that! If you want to see how its done,BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!