Hard Surface Floors? No Problem.

Sweep, wet mop and dry at the same time. The Roboclean System leaves hard floors squeaky clean, It's so easy with the Roboclean Squeegee.

The Roboclean Squeegee attachment gives you the power of versatility. The sponge attachment can be used on tile or linoleum floors to scrub away embedded dirt and debris.

Flip the Sponge over and the Squeegee Wet Pick-up Blade maximizes the wet pick-up ability of the Roboclean, leaving floors virtually spotless. To get in-between tiles on your floor, the brush goes where no mop has gone before, providing exceptional cleaning results.

By the Roboclean Squeegee you will be able to enlarge your capabilities to wet clean ceramic tiles and other types of flooring. The Squeegee can be used to clean your windows, as well.

Easy Clean Up Messy Liquid Spills

Your Roboclean accessory the non-electrified hose is an excellent choice for wet pick-up. When you have spills or water mishaps, remember to use your Roboclean (with an empty basin) or hook up your washing set to your Roboclean and vacuum up the excess.

With Squeegee washing and cleaning hard floors will be in seconds, to test it yourself in your own home, BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!