Roboclean World Headquarters

The World Headquarters of Roboclean is located in Weiterstadt just outside Frankfurt, Germany. This is where our sales, marketing and independent worldwide distribution network of the Roboclean is coordinated and administered. Aura GmbH conducts the international marketing and sales organizations of the entire Roboclean products line-up.

The Roboclean Home Cleaning System has been the exclusive product for more than 30 years. Its legendary water-based filtration system has made the Roboclean known over the world more than 70 countries. It is Roboclean's commitment to quality which drives the process, from start to finish.

Roboclean World Headquarters

Aura GmbH

Zeppelinstrasse 2

64331 Weiterstadt

Deutschland / Germany

Telefon: +49 6151 36 05 20

Website :