Roboclean home cleaning system for Allergy sufferers!

Public attention has recently focused on Allergy because of its rapidly increasing , affecting up to one in four urban children.

Did you Know?

  • In your double bed you will be sleeping with 10 million house dust mites.
  • Your ordinary pillow will double in weight over six months due to house dust mite droppings.
  • House dust mites live on the skins cells that we shed.
  • The house dust mite allergen comes mainly from their droppings and is so fine that it is easily airborne settling quickly into our pillows, mattresses, chairs, curtains and carpets.


  • House dust mite, pet allergens and mould spores cause itchy, runny noses. Congested chests, wheezing, coughing, tight chests, shortness of breath, watery and inflamed itchy eyes.
  • Many allergens such as dust, dust mites, mould spores or pet allergens are airborne particles
  • Disturbed sleep, poor concentration and headaches.
  • House dust mite cause allergic reactions in 85% of children with asthma
  • Dust mite allergens are thought to be among the heaviest dust allergens.
  • We sweat 1/3rd of a litre of water in bed every night producing the warm and humid environment in our beds which is perfect for the house dust mite.
  • The ideal room temperature should be set below 25 degrees as house dust mites like a warm environment.

What to look for in an allergy home cleaning system

Ordinary vacuum cleaners (dust-bag, upright or cylinder models) help remove the residue, as does washing, however, vacuuming does not generally decrease mites because they cling to the surface. The application of frequent vacuuming as a dust control measure may aggravate allergic asthmatic conditions because, ordinary vacuum cleaners blow dust through the cleaner's bag into the air. Dust collection by ordinary vacuum cleaners results in a significant increase in airborne concentrations.

Allergy sufferers aren’t the only ones to benefit: Within a very short time, Roboclean washes the air and noticeably improves room climate. Dirt will not find it’s way back in your home. Roboclean can be used to reduce the house dust mite population in our home and thereby reduce the risk of developing asthma and eczema.

“ Soaked Dust Can't Escape ”

With Ordinary vacuum cleaners (dust-bag, upright or cylinder models) it gets emptied out once or twice in a month. During this time we keep all dust,mites and dirt in the cylinder (bag) in our home. When the mites, bacteria and microbes is left in the cylinder (bags) they have the perfect environment which is warm, humid, and plenty to feed to proliferate. For the next use when you take your vacuum out and start it, all the bacteria, mites and microbes that has been amassed is blown out to the air we breathe in our home.

Roboclean cleaning system has powerful turbine technology and water-based filtration technology to keep all dirts, dust and allergens in the water. After you have finished cleaning all you have to do is pour the dirty water out. Roboclean cleaning system can capture particles down to 0.3 microns – including pollen, mould, mites and bacteria. With Roboclean the process is much easier and hygienic as all you have to do is empty the water basin with all the dirt without having contact with the dust.

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