Aerofresh Bag

Aerofresh Bag

Did you know that you can clean your cushions and pillows with the Roboclean? That’s why Roboclean designed the Aerofresh Bag.

Aerofresh Bag makes cleaning and refreshing your cushions, beds and pillows a snap with a simple two-step process:

Cleaning Cushions and Pillows: Place your cushion in the Cushion Crunch Bag. With the Upholstery Tool attached to the end of the wand, hold bag tightly around the wand. Turn on the Roboclean, and watch as stale, dusty air is sucked out. Your cushion is now being "fluffed" with clean, water-washed air.

Freshen Your Bedding: Cots, sleeping bags and mattresses can be thoroughly vacuumed with your Roboclean. In fact, each component of your bedding can be vacuumed with the Roboclean, including mattress and pillows. The addition of Roboclean fragrances to your water basin will add a dimension of clean and freshness to the vacuuming session that you will find very pleasing.

Washing cushions and pillows will wear out the inside, To learn how to get rid of mites, dust and microbes as well as freshening them up BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!