Pet Hair

Why a Roboclean Cleaning System is the most effective for removing Pet Hair

When animals clean themselves, they deposit allergen-rich saliva on their fur, which soon ends up on your sofa and carpets, where it can trigger reactions in allergy sufferers. With conventional vacuum cleaners (dust-bag, upright or cylinder) you keep all kind of allergens in the bag or cylinders.

Ordinary vacuum cleaners lose suction as their bags and filters clog with dust, dirt and pet hair. Roboclean home cleaning system use powerful turbine motor and water-based filtration technology, which separates dust and dirt from the airflow with the turbine motor which rotates 27.000 RPM. Roboclean does not lose suction power, so it removes all dust, dirt and pet hair from your home.

Pet Hair, House Plants and your Clothes

Pet owners will not have to put up with fur balls on their furniture and floors any longer. Roboclean is specially designed to easily remove pet hair from your home.

Stray pet hair on your furniture and floors is no match for a Roboclean. Roboclean also has The RobocleanMate which picks up pet hair from stairs, carpets and upholstery.

The Roboclean comes with many handy attachments, but few are as versatile as the RobocleanMate, Roboclean circular Brush and Upholstery Tool.

The RobocleanMate has a sleek, lightweight design that allows you access to areas that used to be unreachable.

The circular Brush is ideal for delicate cleaning jobs - its fine bristles gently clean china, art objects, window blinds, etc. But you can also use it to gently clean the family dog or cat, removing dust, dirt and loose pet hair. And it’s perfect for circular house plants.

The Upholstery Tool is great for cleaning sofas, chairs and other home furnishings. It’s also great for gently cleaning clothing and outerwear - including wool, fur coats and delicate fabrics.

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