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Cordless Car Sweeper

Cordless handheld car sweeper, ideal for all surfaces and manoeuvrable. It is a powerful 9.6v. with a long lasting performance and 100% edge cleaning. This cleaner comes with the unique v-head for super hard surface and edge to edge cleaning and crevice tool for those hard to reach nooks and corners. Cordless car sweeper has a 12 hours charge time.

Featuring patented V-Technology, this powerful cordless handheld vacuum provides up to 8 times the cleaning force of a conventional vacuum and features a 9.6v battery - with twice the life of other handhelds.

Ideal for effortlessly cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices, it features multi-directional steering and two unique V-Head interchangeable cleaning tools. The secret to this new hand held vacuum's effectiveness and amazing suction lies in the V-Head's ground breaking rubber sealing strips which create a powerful vortex channelling residue into the quick-empty collection chamber.


  • Designed and developed in UK
  • Innovative steering joint for ease of use
  • 8 times the cleaning force of a conventional vacuum
  • Battery life twice that of other handhelds

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