A robo clean hoover


The ordinary electric vacuum cleaner as we know it was designed to collect dust and dirt into a bag with pores. Even though the pores of these ‘dust-bags’ might seem small to us, they are large enough for fine dust particles, microbes and other living entities invisible to the naked eye to easily pass through.

For this reason, dust-bag systems spew out dust and microbes into the home environment while they are being operated. Moreover, the airflow of these pores, which clog up within a short period of time, gets cut off, thus hindering the cleaning process.

However, the Roboclean utilizes water, which is the cleanest, cheapest and most pore-free filter system available to provide high suction power, uninterrupted cleaning and complete hygiene. As it pulls in all the dirt and dust from the environs, Roboclean traps it in the water and leaves you with a pleasant Aura of clean, breathable air.

Thus, it is an indispensable aide in protecting your health and achieving true cleaning.