Mites and dust

Garage & Workshops

Cleaning up outdoors is even easier with Roboclean that is powerful enough to use in the garage, in your workshop and in your car.


Cleaning car interiors, garage or workshop is a cinch with the RobocleanMate. The RobocleanMate has a sleek, lightweight design that allows you access to areas that used to be unreachable. Roboclean designs vacuums with powerful motors and made from sturdy materials for rugged use. With the Robocleanmate, you will be able to clean up in the garage, in your workshop and even in your car with ease. When connected to the Roboclean and its powerful turbine Motor, the RobocleanMate provides the cleaning power of two, with its own internal motor.

Cleans most upholstered surfaces, including upholstered furniture.

Inflator and Vacuum Tool

The Roboclean offers a special Inflator and vacuum Tool that allows for a unique feature.

First, by attaching the Inflator Tool to the Roboclean curved handle wand and hose and connecting it to the exhaust of the Roboclean, you can inflate beach balls, air mattresses and inflatable toys, quickly and efficiently.

Second, by using the Inflator Tool in "suction" mode, you have the perfect tool for cleaning in confined spaces. Clean refrigerator coils, behind appliances and hard-to-reach places - the Roboclean provides maximum adaptability.

With this unique part you can even get rid of the dirt and debris in-between the keys of your computer keyboard and other electronic devices. Using this multifunction tool allows you to easily blow up your air bed or sea ball as well.

Roboclean is not just for your house, you can use it everywhere and on anything (car, garage and workshops), BOOK to see your FREE home demonstration NOW!