Air Wash

Clean air is healthy air!

Airborne dust and allergens create an unpleasant living environment for you and your family. Roboclean can help reduce these harmful particles along allergy symptoms.

The Roboclean is the only cleaning system with air cleaner certification. By cleaning the air you will reduce sneezing in the home and the need for circular. On average Roboclean owners only dust once a month in their home.

"Water Wash" your Indoor Air

Your Roboclean has a feature never before included in the Roboclean vacuum capabilities. By running your Roboclean on the “ second or third stage” air cleaning speed, you can eliminate minute particles from your air as well as heavy odors such as smoke and paint smells. This feature is especially welcome when weather patterns prohibit opening windows to access that fresh air fragrance.

To find out how to obtain fresh and clean air without having to open your windows and loose your heating BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!