For over 25 years, Roboclean Home Cleaning System have helped millions of families around the world enjoy their homes. We've made cleaning easy and quick, giving you more time to enjoy the important things in life while providing peace of mind that your home is a safe and inviting environment for family and guests. Roboclean Home Cleaning System also help you protect the investment you've made in flooring and furnishings. But don't take our word for it, here is what our customers have to say;

I love My Roboclean

I love my Roboclean as it makes my work so much easier, no more dusting! When my friends come over they say “What type of candle are you burning and where did you get it?” I tell them I don't burn candles anymore, I own a Roboclean. I only have to dust once a month. The Roboclean makes my home so much healthier for myself and my family.

- Linda, Barking IG11

Best cleaning system On Earth!

I saw Roboclean in my neighbours house. At first when she bought it I though she was mad paying all that money but after I so the change in her house, I had to buy one myself. Now, it's my best item in the house. I recommend it to everyone!

- Elizabeth, Lambeth SW8

I'm a fan Of Roboclean

"I was an Dyson fan until I used your Roboclean Cleaner. Now there is no dust in the air or on the tables when I'm finished cleaning. In addition, I use a vaporizer with my grandson. The Roboclean is like a Ferrari compared to Dyson.” :)

- Tazneem , Bromley BR1

Smartest Investment

I'm a vacuum connoisseur. The Roboclean is the best vacuum I've ever had. We run it in the morning as an air purifier. We run a business out of the house and there are many people coming in and out each day. We run the Roboclean to give the house a clean, fresh scent. It's great for the wintertime to clear the air, when we can't open the windows. With 15 year motor warranty that I got, It was a great investment! -

- Aleyna, Dorking RH5

Thank you Roboclean

"Thank you so much who ever has invented Roboclean Cleaner. We have had several vacuum cleaners over the years, including a Kirby and a dyson. The Roboclean is far superior to anything we have had in the past."

- Alexandra, Luton LU1

Surely NO.1

I recently purchased a Roboclean. I'm amazed at how well it cleans all my surfaces. It has so many functions. I can clean anything and anywhere. I even use it to vacuum my bed and I’ve never come across anything that cleans so well. Worths every penny!

- Shelika, Birmingham B1

Peace of Mind

Having a 11 month baby boy, I know that it is my responsibility to provide for him a safe and clean environment. After I use the Roboclean, I feel that I have done my best to provide that to him. Knowing that my son can crawl around on our floors and not have to worry about what he could pickup, brings me a peace of mind that only the Roboclean can give. So thank you Roboclean team for helping me make my home what every home should be, clean!!!!!

- Sherry Simpson, Richard Simpson, Margate CT9

My house is Dust-Free !

I live in London and I wanted to share the amazing results I've had with my Roboclean. After purchasing the Roboclean, I vacuumed my 3 year old, not-so-great carpet. Oh the amount of dirt that came out of that carpet was outstanding! My carpet had new life to it; it had never looked better. My house smelled of clean and fresh rain!.

- Karen, London E1

No more Allergies for My Family

This summer season has been a bad allergy season for our family. The entire last month, I would open the house at night and let the cool air in, but every morning my son and I would wake up sneezing and miserable. One day I decide to give the Roboclean a test. I closed up the house, vacuumed well, and then cleaned the air with the purifier. I kept the house closed up during the night, we took no allergy medicine and went to sleep. We had no congestion or sneezing the entire night, and woke up feeling great. The Roboclean cleaned the air in my house of the pollens and allergens that had affected us for a month. In one hour, we were breathing good air and felt incredibly better.

- Tina, Mayfair W1

Can't do without you, Roboclean

I have used many different machines through the years, as I have a house cleaning company. I have never used a machine that equals the Roboclean. It is worth the investment! I would never think to clean my home without it!

- David and cheryl, Fulham SW6

Fur and Dirt-Free Floors

I recently purchased a Roboclean cleaning system from your company and thought I should write and let you know how pleased I am with it. I have been vacuuming every day because I have an 8 month baby girl and two cats. In an age when so many products don't live up to their advertising claims, your cleaner does everything you say it does. Im a fanatic vacuumer and have tried many over the years. I have never found a vacuum that is as outstanding and wonderful as the Roboclean. I owe my fur and dirt-free floors to you. I feel a lot better letting my baby crawl on the floors now.

- Sharon, London N17

It is very useful

I am writing to you to congratulate you on the vacuum cleaner you showed us. We are happy with it as it is very useful. We want to thank you for this wonderful vacuum cleaner.

- Rochelle, London E9

Part of the Family

I love my Roboclean. It is like a family member. We use it constantly. It is not just a machine, it is part of the family. Our salesman was so wonderful. I thought you should know....A* I would say!

- Stacey Green, Dagenham RM8

Rugs look new

I met Roboclean in my parents house in Germany. I fell in love with it. My mums 30 year old carpet was as if its brand new. I was watching my mum clean the whole house with Roboclean and I was watching with amazement. I called Roboclean in Germany and they arranged a distributor in England for a free demonstration in my home. I bought it with no question!

- Joanne, Balham SW12

Cannot be Compared

I had a Kirby and a Hoover but the Roboclean is something else! During the demonstration, five cups of sand and dirt came out of our carpet and it had just been professionally cleaned. I now look forward to using my Roboclean and seeing all that dirt that is being thrown away -- seeing is believing! I love my Roboclean!!!

- Sally, Watford WD17

Best of the Best

"I just wanted to let you know how we are enjoying our Roboclean. Robocleans truly the best cleaning vacuums on the market, not to mention the healthiest."

- Shelly, Brixton SW9

Robocleans a Miracle

"It's a miracle vacuum. Roboclean's deep cleaning lifted dirt particles in my carpet that I did not know existed. After vacuuming the family room, my brother was able to visit with no allergic reaction to our cats. I feel that Roboclean has helped our allergies."

- Catherine, Notting hill W11

Thank You

"I had to write to let you know that I love my Roboclean and that it was my smartest purchase ever. I can't thank you enough for inventing such a marvellous piece of machinery."

- Ferda, Bournemouth BH4

Couldn’t ask for more, Many Thanks

"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your product. I recently spilled concentrated grape juice. The Roboclean washing set cleaned it all up, not even a slight stain." I've never come across anything better.

- Deborah, Manchester M1