Four Stage

Powerful 4-stage High-Tech Turbine Motor

With its touch buttons, the control panel on top of the machine makes it a breeze to operate. Roboclean has four different cleaning levels which let you clean every part of your home.

The most important feature that makes the Roboclean so talented is its high-tech turbine motor. Thanks to this advanced motor, Roboclean achieves characteristics such as ultra-high suction power, long durability, low electricity consumption and continual effectiveness.

The motor and all other Roboclean parts are manufactured from the most durable materials available so you can use this superior, trouble-free technology for the rest of your life.

Roboclean's superior separator technology separates all unwanted airborne particles from the air and deposits them into the water in the reservoir.

In order to do this, the Roboclean's separator spins at speeds of up to 27,000 RPM to do an immaculate job.

With the support of powerful 4-stage High-tech turbine motor Clean your home and see the difference, BOOK your FREE home Demonstration NOW!