Manufacturing and technology centre

Waiterstadt, Frankfurt.


Roboclean's Manufacturing is in Waiterstadt, Frankfurt. The R&D Centre, and Professional Engineering team serves with its inventory and distribution centrum.

While the German quality is known as the Worlds No.1 by which all home cleaning systems are judged, Germany is hard at work refining, developing and patenting new and improved technologies. Their efforts have positioned the Roboclean Home Cleaning System for excellence for now and forever.

Our products are sold using the direct sales method in more than 70 countries, Aura Roboclean conducts R&D on a continual basis. Its fabulous water-based filtration system has made the Roboclean known over the world. As a result of the importance it places on health and its customer-oriented quality policy, Aura Roboclean has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Inquiries about Roboclean Germany Head Office can be sent to:

Roboclean World Headquarters

Aura GmbH

Zeppelinstrasse 2

64331 Weiterstadt

Deutschland / Germany

Telefon: +49 6151 36 05 20

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