sofa bed and furniture

Bed, Furniture and Sofa Washing

Shampoo, mop and dry all with one machine.

Wash your carpet, floors, sofa and bed using clean water at all times.

The machine will use clean water at all times. The unclean water is automatically led into a separate container.

The nozzle comes with an extra stainless steel wand for washing floors, bed, sofa, furniture and carpet cleaning. You will still be able to control the cleaning process via the handle.

Roboclean lets you wash your floors using clean water at all times. One machine to vacuum, wet mop, shampoo, water pick up all in one easy to use amazing machine.

Keep furniture and carpets looking new

Besides washing your floors and cleaning your carpets, the Roboclean washing set lets you clean both your carpets and furniture. Both carpets and furniture will dry in only three to six hours.

Roboclean all natural shampoo is included.

The Washing Set works with the Roboclean to clean your carpeting with water and a special cleaning formula. The Washing Set works effectively on most carpet types and dries quickly.

Your neighbours will think your carpets were cleaned professionally.

The Carpet Cleaning Formula cleans, reconditions and protects carpets.

Roboclean is functioned to vacuum, shampoo, wash and dry on all surfaces and furniture.

You will be amazed to see How many functions Roboclean can perform, BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!