Stairs cleaning


It’s a snap to clean stairs with the RobocleanMate. Makes cleaning faster and easier than ever. Stop lugging that heavy cleaner behind you while vacuuming the stairs. Roboclean can reach and completely clean your stairs with less difficulty and less of a workout.

The RobocleanMate is a miniature power nozzle that has a sleek, lightweight design that allows you access to areas that used to be unreachable. When connected to the Roboclean, the RobocleanMate provides the cleaning power of two, with its own internal motor.

With this versatile attachment it's snap to deep clean car interiors, stairs, upholstered furniture and other hard to reach spots. It is small size, combined with the power of an additional 30W motor, makes it an indispensable tool for everyday cleaning. Don't forget to ask your dealer about the features of RobocleanMate.

Robocleanmate makes your life so much easier, Cleaning stairs is going to be fun! BOOK your FREE home demonstration NOW!